The New Flip-Flop: Comfort and Purpose With Hari Mari

When it comes to Flip Flops, the fact of the matter is that there is always a substantial amount of time required to break them in, and even then, the season may already be over to wear them. However, this is not the case with Dallas, Texas based Hari Mari. Hari Mari’s story starts in Indonesia, in 2007. As a young entrepreneurial couple, Jeremy and Lila Stewart noticed a void in the market for comfortable, colorful flip flops at a premium level. Jeremy and Lila are also responsible for their philanthropic cause: Flops Fighting Cancer. The foundation helps fight for children with pediatric cancer.

Hari_1 IMG_1969

Launched in 2012, Hari Mari brought together elements of style, comfort, and color to a modern day menswear market.


Gent Travel: The Jet Set Travel Luggage

Air Born:

While many travelers’ find inspiration in travel style of the past, present day luggage is undeniably here to help make the world go round and round. Where once suitcases featured enough space for the social elites and captains of industry (bringing half their belongings while traveling), todays high- octane designs come equipped with ever so stylish efficiencies and conveniences for our fast-paced lives. The world has since transitioned into an easy lightweight luggage and overall globetrotting style. The German brand Rimowa (pictured here), is unceremoniously appreciated with its multiple compartments to fit tech devices, wardrobe and skincare. The sleek design is a sure-fire way to address the needs of a speedy frequent flier jet set. Wheels up!

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photography: Mark Platt

Giuseppe Zanotti Homme SS ’16

A presentation that produces an ill at ease approach yet embodies the spirit of rock star chic through design comes full throttle in Giuseppe Zanotti’s SS ’16 collection. As a consumer, I take note in how the finished composition of a designer’s articles of shoes and clothing influences lifestyle and provides a remedy of enlightenment in the everyday decisions we make far beyond the choice of a suitable sock in coordination with a polished loafer.
Conscience detail off-sets the energy of entitlement while the epicene of fine craftsmanship seems to be an equal opportunist in the blueprint to this collections construction. To say Zanotti took a courageous leap in choices made throughout would be an understatement to say the least; making leathers and suede’s on brogues and dress shoes subtly smart with sleek refined finishes all the way to the tip. Concise silhouettes is one of the attributes that distinguishes this collection from previous as Giuseppe captures the textures and accessories used together from studs to chains redefining how the modern day James Bond should maintain his appearance. A vividly colorful loafer makes its way into the bunch giving much appreciated nomad-swank with a muted brown shoe becoming engulfed in various hues of intense colors sustaining bo-ho flare indefinitely. Black leather and metallic silver python jackets are also included in the new collection with a surprising allotment of choice leather bags in an array of neutral colorways.
Giuseppe Zanotti makes an everyday function such as getting dressed into a recreational activity and his new collection will soon be available.

A New Day For Swim Trunks


Swimwear: Vilebrequin Photography: Mark Platt


Performance in Color:

On recent developments in mens swimwear, there is no better place to search then this seasons 2015 product offerings. The new selections are both high-style and high-performance to meet today’s well-informed consumer needs. The new role-out models pair both natural and synthetic fabrics to optimize comfort and wearability-in both resiliency and retaining color. If you’re interested in amping up your style this summer a great way is with current Vilebrequin swimwear showcasing a new generation of swim trunks to set sail.
The colors are vibrant and the textures and patterns are fine and varied. The perverbial winds of change seemingly hit the beach shores with an overall stylish effect as well as a forward nod to global modernity.

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photographer: Mark Platt

GentLiving: Andre Iguodala Doubles Down For Twice

“Andre is really such a versatile athlete and businessman, who also happens to be unbelievably creative, and having him as part of our team is going to open up the depth of our menswear offering to a whole new audience of men.” — Noah Ready-Campbell, Founder of Twice

Suitable words for Andre Iguodala, shooting guard and small forward for the Golden State Warriors who also happen to be participating in this years NBA Championship Finals. Iguodala was named mens style director for Twice and with great power comes great responsibility therefore; along with launching his own shop on the consignment site he has also decided to feature pieces from his very own closet! All proceeds will be going to his charity, The Andre Iguodala Youth Foundation which aims to empower the youth by combining educational and athletic programming. Many items that will be for sale include apparel from designers such as Louboutin, Givenchy, and J.Crew in a very limited supply so whether your goal is to wear your favorite players size 15 sneaker or to simply mount it on your wall, the goods are up for grabs. Andre having such a wide selection of various footwear with over 400 pairs has inspired Twice to attempt at catching up with a launch of over 800 men’s shoes on their website! Now you will be able to shop men’s footwear alongside clothing starting today. Andre Iguodala’s Twice clothing launch will start June 2nd but you can get a preview of a couple items above.

Gent Living: British Menswear Mismatches Dimension In Prints

Expressive Outliers: 

When I reminise about springtime, I often envision the awakining of nature’s rebirth after a long (and many times cold), winter sleep. The finishing spring and summer touches are most certainly the abundant fragrant scents as well as the unstructured pollen count. This season, Dunhill London has delivered a comparative update to swimwear. Among the offhand influences, which includes shorts ranging from botanical prints in magnolia to seaweed coupled with hues inspired by the British Isles. In addition, brand offerings deliver an identical line of silk shirting with sleek detailing and quintessential style individuality. For guys who appreciate sophisticated classics reinterpreted in an unconventional and moreover  playful way.  John Ray has been the creative director of Dunhill London for two seasons and interestingly enough has managed to represent a current take on eccentric yet refined British character in menswear.

Gent Travel: Newfound Understanding In Weekend Travel

Vince Camuto Leather Bag

Weekender Bag by Vince Camuto, Photograph by Mark Platt

Luxury Meets Functionality:

Among the many must-haves in store this season: a handful of ” Weekender” bags include  innovation developed with nostalgia and a renewed sense of inspiration. In a promising start to the current transition happening in the menswear marketplace, product offerings include an attached compartment to keep footwear and sporty items separate from week-end apparel.  For guys who appreciate organized travel, Vince Camuto gives a welcoming twist to a traditional item designed to explore the rich complexity and newfound understanding of overnight travel.

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis 

Photograph: Mark Platt

Gent Style: Introducing “Athleisure” Sneakers As Business Attire!

Luxury sneakers by Ferragamo

High-energy sneakers by Ferragamo. Photograph by Mark Platt

Sophisticated Upgrade:

My specialty is writing about menswear with a keen focus on dressing for success. In recent history, menswear has catapulted into a transitional style plateau with little intention being paid to turning back. Whether you’re headed to an out of town week-end or a day at the office ( yes, the office!), you may wish to consider a style inspiration making serious impact the globe these days. High Energy sneakers have been creeping their way into places that years ago would have not been considered ” proper attire”. Whatsoever your discipline may be, might I suggest that (this SS 2015  season), you investigate this comfort style with a casual summer pant and sports jacket. I can assure you that the look will appear fresh- but more importantly, will lend you a spring in your step!  by Ferragamo

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photographer: Mark Platt

Gent Style: Futuristic Men’s Wallets Glorified In Color


Spin Your Color Wheel:

Traditionally, wallets were offered in black and brown. Because style is the first step in creating a fresh look, you may wish to explore new frontiers by taking a journey into the much talked about widespread world of personal style.  Today,  some men are more adventurous about what they wear, resulting in tremendous growth in the seasons freshest product offerings. Verily, luxury brands are a testament to the stellar success  seen in current collections.   Here,   A. Testoni delivers a sophisticated visual presentation, communicated in technicolor- in the event you wish to be more adventurous this season.


price: $ 225

description: Deer Wallet


Editor: Joseph DeAcetis 

Photography: Mark Platt


GentStyle: Men’s Italian Footwear Caps It Off

(L-R) are Fratelli Rosetti and A.Testoni
Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photograph: Mark Platt

Shape of the Season:

Cap toe shoes is having what might be referred to as “a moment”.  Adhering to today’s style destination pictured here (L-R) are Fratelli Rosetti and A.Testoni.  Indeed, no matter how quickly men’s footwear styles are developing one thing is sure and certain: Forget the formalities.

For those unfamilair with the mood of men’s footwear, cap toe is the word that strikes a cord. The arrival of today’s cap toe elicits a great deal of interest with a steady stream of men ranging from the curious millennial to established businessmen. I suspect the interest lies in balance, line and proportion. Let’s face it, the office is now even more mobile than ever. The natural style progession seems to have followed us men through the revolving door a tad bit more rapidly than we suspected….


price: $ 1785

description: Black Label Bologna Construction Washed Calf Oxford

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photography: Mark Platt

Gent Style: Men’s Yellow Sunglasses Summer 2015

Sunglass-TRAVELER by TOMS, Style: Dalston Price: $68
Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photograph: Mark Platt

The Sun Also Rises:

In view of a recent tendency to make sunglasses with more stand-out color than ever,  it seems proper to state that the momentum mirrors a daring and modern attitude. Yellow  is most often aligned with amusement, optimism, and  gentleness, as well as with duplicity, envy and jealousy.

One little advice:  Be mindful of what is referred to as the “dichotomy of style”- meaning if you are inclined to wear sunglasses with bold expression and sumptuous design,  may I suggest that you  keep the rest of your wardrobe toned down to obtain best results. 

Pictured here: glasses by


Style: Dalston

Price: $68


Editor: Joseph DeAcetis

Photograph:  Mark Platt