GentWear: Muston & Co. O-ring belts Make Colorful Splash

Color Makes for Wonder:

Identity plays a vital role in the developmental process for finding comfort in our daily choices. As much search comes into play, the fruits of said labor comes with knowing how you tick as an individual making for time well spent from our most simplistic decisions to some that bear major impact. Striding towards proper representation in our own format is a goal for many and doing it with flair has a sublet of people far and few between. Muston & Co has forged strong ties in getting our style elite in touch with how they identify with style and sophistication at their own measure. Their focus you may ask?, “To make the belt the new tie” and in doing so has created a plentiful of selection that anyone can find classic comfort in. The traditional O-ring belt has been reintroduced to us in glen plaid, paisley, foulard, and pin-dot made of rich Italian fabrics handmade in New York. The belts are named after 19th and 20th century gangs such as “The Louche Knickerbocker” or “The Corcoran Rooster” supplying the proper balance of edge while still keeping your waist easy on the eyes. All belts come in a limited run to make way for new styles and patterns to be introduced regularly.