GentStyle: An Overview of 2015 Sunglasses by Tom’s

Find Your Place:

Sunglasses by Tom’s
Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photography: Mark Platt

So how do you begin the process?  Find your Future.  The singular approach to well-dressed style is to balance real world necessities and marry it with a punch of vibrant style.    In today’s global marketplace, I find that the variety in sunglass product offerings can create consumer confusion. Henceforth, I suggest following the bullet point list below for your first pair to purchase:

  • Protect yourself from brightness by finding best viewing for you.
  • Find frame  that fits well on your face
  • Lens color and style which strengthens your workplace  and leisure style
  • Men always look better in masculine styles – naturally.

It is that simple.  In a word, protect yourself from harmful rays while allowing your self-expression to unfold.  Pictured here from social responsive brand Toms is 5 variations of two respective styles to choose from while protecting you from the sun’s harsh rays while simultaneously helping people both here and in developing nations around the planet.

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis 

Photography:  Mark Platt