GentStyle: Men’s Italian Footwear Caps It Off

(L-R) are Fratelli Rosetti and A.Testoni
Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photograph: Mark Platt

Shape of the Season:

Cap toe shoes is having what might be referred to as “a moment”.  Adhering to today’s style destination pictured here (L-R) are Fratelli Rosetti and A.Testoni.  Indeed, no matter how quickly men’s footwear styles are developing one thing is sure and certain: Forget the formalities.

For those unfamilair with the mood of men’s footwear, cap toe is the word that strikes a cord. The arrival of today’s cap toe elicits a great deal of interest with a steady stream of men ranging from the curious millennial to established businessmen. I suspect the interest lies in balance, line and proportion. Let’s face it, the office is now even more mobile than ever. The natural style progession seems to have followed us men through the revolving door a tad bit more rapidly than we suspected….


price: $ 1785

description: Black Label Bologna Construction Washed Calf Oxford

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photography: Mark Platt