GentLiving: Andre Iguodala Doubles Down For Twice

“Andre is really such a versatile athlete and businessman, who also happens to be unbelievably creative, and having him as part of our team is going to open up the depth of our menswear offering to a whole new audience of men.” — Noah Ready-Campbell, Founder of Twice

Suitable words for Andre Iguodala, shooting guard and small forward for the Golden State Warriors who also happen to be participating in this years NBA Championship Finals. Iguodala was named mens style director for Twice and with great power comes great responsibility therefore; along with launching his own shop on the consignment site he has also decided to feature pieces from his very own closet! All proceeds will be going to his charity, The Andre Iguodala Youth Foundation which aims to empower the youth by combining educational and athletic programming. Many items that will be for sale include apparel from designers such as Louboutin, Givenchy, and J.Crew in a very limited supply so whether your goal is to wear your favorite players size 15 sneaker or to simply mount it on your wall, the goods are up for grabs. Andre having such a wide selection of various footwear with over 400 pairs has inspired Twice to attempt at catching up with a launch of over 800 men’s shoes on their website! Now you will be able to shop men’s footwear alongside clothing starting today. Andre Iguodala’s Twice clothing launch will start June 2nd but you can get a preview of a couple items above.