A New Day For Swim Trunks


Swimwear: Vilebrequin Photography: Mark Platt


Performance in Color:

On recent developments in mens swimwear, there is no better place to search then this seasons 2015 product offerings. The new selections are both high-style and high-performance to meet today’s well-informed consumer needs. The new role-out models pair both natural and synthetic fabrics to optimize comfort and wearability-in both resiliency and retaining color. If you’re interested in amping up your style this summer a great way is with current Vilebrequin swimwear showcasing a new generation of swim trunks to set sail.
The colors are vibrant and the textures and patterns are fine and varied. The perverbial winds of change seemingly hit the beach shores with an overall stylish effect as well as a forward nod to global modernity.

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photographer: Mark Platt