Giuseppe Zanotti Homme SS ’16

A presentation that produces an ill at ease approach yet embodies the spirit of rock star chic through design comes full throttle in Giuseppe Zanotti’s SS ’16 collection. As a consumer, I take note in how the finished composition of a designer’s articles of shoes and clothing influences lifestyle and provides a remedy of enlightenment in the everyday decisions we make far beyond the choice of a suitable sock in coordination with a polished loafer.
Conscience detail off-sets the energy of entitlement while the epicene of fine craftsmanship seems to be an equal opportunist in the blueprint to this collections construction. To say Zanotti took a courageous leap in choices made throughout would be an understatement to say the least; making leathers and suede’s on brogues and dress shoes subtly smart with sleek refined finishes all the way to the tip. Concise silhouettes is one of the attributes that distinguishes this collection from previous as Giuseppe captures the textures and accessories used together from studs to chains redefining how the modern day James Bond should maintain his appearance. A vividly colorful loafer makes its way into the bunch giving much appreciated nomad-swank with a muted brown shoe becoming engulfed in various hues of intense colors sustaining bo-ho flare indefinitely. Black leather and metallic silver python jackets are also included in the new collection with a surprising allotment of choice leather bags in an array of neutral colorways.
Giuseppe Zanotti makes an everyday function such as getting dressed into a recreational activity and his new collection will soon be available.