Gent Travel: The Jet Set Travel Luggage

Air Born:

While many travelers’ find inspiration in travel style of the past, present day luggage is undeniably here to help make the world go round and round. Where once suitcases featured enough space for the social elites and captains of industry (bringing half their belongings while traveling), todays high- octane designs come equipped with ever so stylish efficiencies and conveniences for our fast-paced lives. The world has since transitioned into an easy lightweight luggage and overall globetrotting style. The German brand Rimowa (pictured here), is unceremoniously appreciated with its multiple compartments to fit tech devices, wardrobe and skincare. The sleek design is a sure-fire way to address the needs of a speedy frequent flier jet set. Wheels up!

Editor: Joseph DeAcetis
Photography: Mark Platt