Gent Travel: The Jet Set Travel Luggage


Air Born: While many travelers’ find inspiration in travel style of the past, present day luggage is undeniably here to help make the world go round and round. Where once suitcases featured enough space for the social elites and captains of industry (bringing half their belongings while traveling), todays high- octane designs come equipped with […]

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Gent Travel: Newfound Understanding In Weekend Travel

Vince Camuto Leather Bag

Luxury Meets Functionality: Among the many must-haves in store this season: a handful of ” Weekender” bags include  innovation developed with nostalgia and a renewed sense of inspiration. In a promising start to the current transition happening in the menswear marketplace, product offerings include an attached compartment to keep footwear and sporty items separate from week-end […]

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GentStyle: Men’s Italian Footwear Caps It Off

Shape of the Season: Cap toe shoes is having what might be referred to as “a moment”.  Adhering to today’s style destination pictured here (L-R) are Fratelli Rosetti and A.Testoni.  Indeed, no matter how quickly men’s footwear styles are developing one thing is sure and certain: Forget the formalities. For those unfamilair with the mood […]

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GentStyle: An Overview of 2015 Sunglasses by Tom’s

Find Your Place: So how do you begin the process?  Find your Future.  The singular approach to well-dressed style is to balance real world necessities and marry it with a punch of vibrant style.    In today’s global marketplace, I find that the variety in sunglass product offerings can create consumer confusion. Henceforth, I suggest following the bullet […]

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GentLife: Menswear Storm Of Style-Hermes

Hermes Trench SS14

  Storm Of Style: I’m not sure why people seem to take a dim view of rain. Since my youth, I have always enjoyed how rain seems to help camouflage the irritating sounds of a bustling metropolis.  For me, rain illuminates the senses by thoroughly reflecting back to me a focused attention to self. In the […]

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