GentWear: #MyCalvins Special Fall 2015 Presentation.

CALVIN KLEIN Presents Fall 2015 Men's and Women's Lines, NYC

Self-Identification: Many years ago this summer, Calvin Klein brought forth the message of  individualism reinterpreted. ck  championed the bohemians by visually presenting the undercurrent of a decadent youth movement. When most of us think about ck we envision minimalistic apparel choices coupled with very thin androgynous models- which was easily identifiable with the brand.  Back then,  controversial […]

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GentWear: Prada Raw Delivers Raw Debut

Prada Raw Window

Primal Craftsmanship: Evolution is necessary for survival in all domains of society: Moreover, for a generation to prosper.  Antiquated solutions have become a thing of the past due to an everlasting stamina by the thinkers and creators of our time continuing to stay one step ahead of the constant and create leaps and bounds towards […]

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GentDigital: Think Once Like Twice


Clothing in our everyday is an essential, but having a closet full of good quality items sadly is not unless you have the bank account to fund them. With our favorite name brand designers retailing various pieces at prices that may be a bit out of your budget, LikeTwice has created the perfect resolve for […]

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GENTLiving: Moscot Goes Jewel Toned


With summer becoming a season distant in our rear view and our autumn winter seasons complacent in our present, room for resolve is still relevant when transferring our sun defying outerwear to the brute cold climate. Favored eye wear brand Moscot, has issued their original frames HYMAN, LEMTOSH, and MILTZEN in the new vibrant jewel tone […]

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GentLife: Etherial Empress Of Modern Aestetic – Elie Saab

Elie Saab Dress Spring/Summer 2014 Couture

Never in my wildest dreams would I think to find new accents of authenticated and vibrant color complemented by modern elegance. Luckily, The current collection by Elie Saab   delivers elegantly polished essentials featuring billowing silhouettes that seem to exceed today’s consumers expectations.  Saab celebrates artfully tailored pieces by the use intricate tailored detailing as well as […]

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GentNews: Spotlight of Intricate Shape – Elie Saab

Elie Saab Spring/Summer 2014 Couture

    This Spring/Summer 2014 season; Fashion’s upfront ambassador Elie Saab responds seamlessly to consumer complexity with respect to the reinvention of detailed fabrications equipped with amazing performance of sleek modern shape. Regardless of how important functional-creativity and self-expression are becoming, one thing is for sure; the delight rendered in strength and fragility easily displays a distinct connection with […]

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